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rossavolpe16 karma

Hi Steve, I am the fan you gave the free jersey to on live stream this weekend with Kobe (so embarrassing!) I wanted to say thanks again for having me and also relay how much I love the team this year (not just Doublelift although I apparently found that hard to articulate in front of the camera). You discussed on the show how as an owner you try to let the coaches and players just do their thing once you have completed a roster. As Liquid has expanded to other e-sports, how do you feel your relationship with them is versus league where you do have the strongest background as a player?

rossavolpe2 karma

Awesome, thanks for the reply! I will treasure the jersey forever--I hope we will make it down that way again soon, so I can get it signed. :) Good luck to you guys and looking forward to the rest of the split/playoffs! (Also, just wanted to say that after the hype this weekend, the temptation to apply my data science background to esports instead of biology is SO real, so thanks also for the quarter life crisis)