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Really sucks that you're going through this. Seems like corporate didn't really get the grasp on managing so many stores and now everyone in the company is facing the consequences.

How much longer will the store be up for? I'm guessing liquidation sales will start soon? What's in your future? Also, will everyone be receiving the severance package (part-time, new employees, etc.)?

Wishing you the best of luck!

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Derek! Fellow Queens student here!

I've always wondered about your background, I understand you did your undergrad and high school in Canada then went to Australia? Why the move? Are you (or your parents) from there originally?

Thanks and cha gheill!

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Chris!! Hello :)

What did you do when you weren't filming/in the kitchen? Were you and the other contestants confined to a hotel or something? Did you share rooms (a la Biggest Loser)

Anyway, thanks for doing this AMA. Best of luck in your future endeavours! :)