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and was shocked by that since we were all like 22 years old or less.

maybe you haven't had a chance to be shown how to do it wrong, so you just were flat-out professional the right way. if that makes sense. kudos.

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yet evidently, based on his comment, you did it right, while so many, who I imagine also went to film school, continue to do it wrong. what's up with that, just an ingrained culture of unprofessionalism?

I worked on a model shoot once and was impressed with the professionality of everyone, but at the same time everyone seemed a bit distant. Must be a difficult line to walk.

I was new there so that probably had a lot to do with it, and I was there temporarily.

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you might check on the quality of those particular white boards on amazon. the negative reviews state that there were serious and bad changes to the design around 2016. Just FYI. I'd imagine you check out the things you send, before you add them to your kit, anyway.

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or on The Orville?

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not just bird law