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Realistically, what is the state of plastic recycling in the U.S. since it's being turned down and/or shipped back by nations who formerly accepted it? Where does it now all go?

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Throughout much of history, common people have been the driving force for major change, despite the monetary strength of industry lobbyists.

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I spoke with a woman who was homeless because she couldn't pay her mom's health bills after she died

I wish more people knew they are not responsible for this sort of debt. This woman didn't have to go through this except that some avaricious and dishonest bill collector probably made her think she was.

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It's true they changed how they're fried, but not for the reason stated.


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Posted by me down thread, which you've partially answered above:

Were they not receiving it for the purpose of recycling it? I'm not saying the U.S. is perfect, we need to do more to get people here to stop just throwing it away.

However, have you seen any U.S. beaches that look like these in China? Or India? Indonesia? Vietnam? Thailand? This isn't only due to them importing it, but their own consumption and not doing anything with what they have been permitting to be imported.

And who knows what the situation in the U.S. now with regard to recycling since we can no longer send it to these countries to supposedly be recycled? I'm in no way upholding that practice, we need to develop and use better technology to reduce plastic packaging and to handle the problem of what isn't.

The real problem right now is the absence of the will of companies and U.S. residents to participate and cooperate.