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"Retail shill humblebrags about opting out of disgusting consumerism: what happens next will shock you!"

Now the content farmers don't even have to write a headline.

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Don't know a damn thing about gaming, but Chris Kluwe, the Vikings were chumps for letting you go. Still have a refashioned Favre jersey with your name spelled out in purple duct tape. Keep being a decent dude about same sex marriage and equality in general.

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I could have written this about my mother. I still wonder how long she might have had if she opted to treat symptoms aggressively but opt only for palliative care. My best friend's mom is a hospice nurse, and a conversation we had after the funeral still haunts me. When I told her that Mom had taken a sudden turn for the worse after starting a new drug, she blurted out the drug name. Who knows how many weeks or months she might have had if she quit while she was ahead.

It still irks me when people get that knowing look on their face and state more than ask "Oh, was she a smoker?" With time, my reaction has softened. I can now educate on the high incidence and mortality of lung cancers in non-smokers. Preferable to reminding people that someday they are going to die, regardless of their vices or lack thereof.

Sorry for your loss.

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Young adults in the US were raised by parents whose upper arms aren't scarred by the smallpox vaccine, and it's more likely than not that they've never met anyone who survived polio. Are you concerned that once the visible, super scary diseases like polio are eradicated that vaccination rates for other diseases will decline?

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How much of your "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" era persona was really you, and what "edits" were thrust upon you by the recording industry?

I remember staying up late listening to the top 40 countdown and crying when one of your songs would fall in the charts! Gradeschool me really appreciated your individuality, talent, and message. Thanks for doing this, and rock on.