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in countries where torture (however you want to define it - lack of nourishment, etc) of prisoners is allowed, can you intervene if it is an American? If so, how influential can you be?

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If they did, I imagine the guards would carry out their deeds in the blind spots.

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were these kids or teenagers?

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There was an IAMA posted ages ago by a wife whose husband was arrested for possessing underaged porn. Really underaged in some instances. She said something along the lines that this husband grew addicted to porn and it started off with typical adult porn and regressed to horrific child porn, because he was seeking the next best thrill/extreme. Apparently it was only a small percentage of the porn found on his computer.

Is this possible? Or do you think this guy was just saying this to make her feel better? Can people's sexual urges take a dramatic dark 180 or do you feel this arousal was always there?