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Ask for a registered agent address (lawyer) and mention FDCPA, (look it up) and send them a letter stating all your FDCPA rights - you can refuse all calls in this letter and mandate they only send letters. IF they then call, you can sue them and win like $1500 each call.

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Frankly, I think Jesus will come back before Communism makes sense, but just in case.. If you read Marx, he noted that communism is the natural result of capitalism... After all wealth is concentrated, and the means of production are almost entirely automated. I.E. Nobody has to work. If all factories and mines and farms are fully automated, and the robots are repaired by robots, what else can be done except communism? I'm a freedom loving American, Constitutionalist, but at some point, the right to personal property impacts national security when one family owns 50% of the property (robot co) and another family owns 49% (land co) and 1% of the rest isn't enough to prevent food riots in the street. What do we do then? Break up monopolies? Sure. The two families still own 99% of everything. Tax wealth? Sure. Except at some point those measures don't work with the constitution. So you change it. But nobody has a job because there isn't any needed jobs. So what would we do? It's probably 100-200 years off, but if Jesus doesn't come back before then, we'll have to think about that, because if you asked the two families, the answer might be go into your bunker and release nerve gas..

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25 pounds in 21 days... uh. So you had an air AND dehydration diet?

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How do you feel about the balance of meeting the need now, vs putting local clinics out of business by saturating the market with free services?

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US formulations of testosterone should be shot every 3-7 days. You'll feel like a girl after 9 days... If you produce lots of E and not enough T you need a conversion blocker like armidex (like 0.1-0.2mg) a day. Or perhaps a modulator like clomid. Neither worked well alone for me so I take T and low dose armidex.