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Definitely is a great idea, I would have certainly loved this in my CS classes back in the day.

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You're welcome! The idea of making content creation universally accessible keeps me coming to work every day.

And yes, we see mobile as a pretty important space for us, and yes the current editing is not ideal. :( We certainly will be improving this soon, so look forward to that!

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In google spreadsheets one of my favorite functions is the Query function. It enables me to do SQL-like queries on datasets. Oh and also our new pivot tables make doing pivots and group-bys extremely easy.

What sorts of things are you looking for from Access and Filemaker?

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Yup, makes sense to have it integrated everywhere, it's a pretty awesome service. In Docs we currently have CloudPrint integrated in Chromebooks and also on mobile devices (for printing documents and spreadsheets).

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Sorry for the delay, had to check w/ marketing if it was okay to answer this question. ;)

Certainly the most difficult challenge since we started Google Docs has been dealing with the many different browsers. With most browsers moving toward supporting the latest HTML5 standards, hopefully this will be much easier soon. One key feature is definitely Offline support.

Re: feature richness, most definitely. We want to enable rich and beautiful content creation across the web and at the same time make innovative features like real-time collaboration and the new discussions in documents we rolled out recently. Look forward to a lot of improvements and new features coming out very soon.

As product managers and engineers, we think it’s important to talk to and listen to our users because it helps us build a better product. And of course the reddit community was great to engage with when our Chrome team did an AMA. You can find almost all of us on Twitter (i’m at @ronaldho), in the Google Docs help forums and responding to comments on our blog.