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Has playing Jesse affected you psychologically in any way? Insomnia, depression, bad mood? Have you ever caught yourself wandering inside Jesse's mind? How different is Aaron Paul now than before playing Jesse in Breaking Bad?

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Mr. BatFart, it seems your submission was caught by the spam filter (I was able to find it, because I've been stalking your user page after the announcement you made yesterday).

That's why there are no comments here yet.

EDIT: Question: Could you please us detail us your experience using S3 for hosting your images? Benefits, drawbacks? How much do you (Time, effort, money) save using S3?

EDIT2: P.S.A. - Prevent YOUR submissions being caught by the spam filter

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I PM'ed a mod myself, it seems your post is now live!

RE S3: Thanks, it's been very informative! A suggestion: Maybe you could use Amazon EBS? An EC2 instance would mount it as a local filesystem, there you could set the.htaccess rule. Prices are similar as the S3 service. But I'm not 100% sure if that would work, though...

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I agree. Ebert doesn't like absolutes "Which is the ..... movie ever?"

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If he were willing to answer this question, I doubt he would choose reddit as the means to divulge this shocking revelation...