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Well, if you can call killing the population and taking some of them to concentration camps and labor camps humane I'll leave it with you.

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You said that after the surgery your swallowing got worse. My question is - was the surgery required? Was the tumor growing, or you decided to remove it just in case?

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Orphanages in Ukraine are funded by government, from what I understand yours is some kind of non-government orphanage? Why didn't you want to stay in Slavyansk, as I understand there is a lot of money going the way of Slavyansk on rebuilding efforts, as I understand schools, children gardens, etc are being a priority.

Also, in your press-release at the very end you have "Помогите нас", this does not sound Russian.

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Don't you think having it minutes/seconds before midnight for a very long time (70 years) diminishes the message?

People were born, grew up and died during this time and saw nothing close to Apocalypse.

I understand that it makes for a good headline, but as I see this several seconds to doomsday clock thing over years I just stop paying attention as I don't think it is accurate representation of reality.