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How much fun was it working with Jim Carrey on "Bruce Almighty"?

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Hey! I thought the special was fantastic, got to see you work on it back in March of 2012 at Largo. I know it's weird to ask but would you give my stand up set a listen? (I'm a young comic) That would mean a lot but if you don't that's also understandable. Either way, big fan who's looking forward to your future work. Here's the link to my set think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhgU_NH49JI

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Hey todd having any luck being like will Ferrell lately? Is that too ambitious of a call back?

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How important is the 1st impression when you meet a comedian?

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That's interesting. So standing out seems to be more important than anything else. I'm also assuming being a good person goes a long way also.