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Yes! My plan is to bring them back pretty regularly. They've already appeared a couple times since the spots ended. Keep listening for them!

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  • Mass-transit, tied to an airport - something that is surprisingly weak in a lot of cities
  • Bike-friendly, walk-friendly
  • A really good flag.

Make sure every plaque has a real story - I would make plaques have narratives if I could.

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No. Never!

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First and foremost: all of Radiotopia. This American Life, RadioLab, Fresh Air, Planet Money, Judge John Hodgeman, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Bullseye, Slate Political Gabfest, Slate Culture Gabfest, Filmspotting, Answer Me This, Mark Kermode Wittertainment, My Brother My Brother and Me, WTF, The Flop House, Reply All, Stuff You Should Know, Whistlestop, Another Round (my new favorite!), Pop Rocket and a bunch more.

The shortness used to be unique, but it seems like more are gravitating toward that length.

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Golden Gate Bridge. I love it every time I see it. It never gets old. It's good to go over, to look at, to view from below. Few things work as well as that.