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How many burgers they can flip per hour after graduation.

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How many finished college? I think that's a far better metric than those who started college.

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I'm reasonably certain that all US gov't employees get training. I know that as a filthy contractor in a position in which I would have never seen any evidence of human trafficking, I got Human Trafficking CBT every 6 months or whatever.

OP probably got more than I did, but I'm pretty sure everybody gets some training.

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I pity your biologist, engineer, and programmer hopefuls. While I admit that programming is more of an art than a science (I'm a programmer, myself), there is a shitton of math behind what I do because if there weren't, we'd all still be using bubble-sort.

It seems to me that your biologist, engineer, and programmer are likely starting with a third-grade education in those three topics unless they had the wherewithal to know what courses to take and really hammered their teachers for the proper challenges to get them to be able to think at a university level.

I know exactly how lazy I was in 10-12th grade and I would have happily accepted no tests as a graduation requirement. Thankfully, I didn't have that option.

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I can give you an answer from 2007: two of the graduates are now attending community college, and one is enrolled at Earlham College in Indiana. Two others are working. One student left without graduating, Sarantos said, and is in a job-training program.

I would like to see more recent statistics than this http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2003645914_unschooled01m.html