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You can leave your friends behind.

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Not OP, but I'm also in InfoSec, and that's a reasonable assessment. There are some things that definitely stretch the bounds of reality, but there are several real-world tools and techniques used in the show, albeit accelerated, and with an added dash of plot-based luck thrown in here or there.

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Generally agreed, but if you check their website, it's just the same text verbatim, with three links, of which two are ways to give them money, and the third is just a link to the /r/teenagersnew subreddit, which looks terrible. Even more suspicious is one of the ways to give them money is a javascript cryptomining scheme.

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I introduced my wife to it by having her listen to the official D&D podcasts done with the guys from Penny Arcade (along with some special guests). They started these a few years ago, and are actually finishing up another one this week. Now, they are playing 4th edition (and D&D Next), which some people may scoff at, but for a newbie it really is a good way to learn about how general play and storytelling works. In the beginning of the first podcast, Mike Krahulik from PA had never played before, and therefore you can sort of learn along with him. Nowadays he's really into it as a result. There's also a video of them playing live at PAX, but it comes after the first 4 or 5 podcasts chronologically. The current (6th) podcast is leading up to a new live session at the upcoming PAX Prime. It's also just genuinely entertaining.

Edit: As /u/Menacing mentioned below, here is a more complete list of the Podcasts and videos.

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The numbers aren't real. It's what they charge the insurance companies, and you pay some subset depending on your insurance plan. The system is still fucked up, and bad insurance plans abound, but it does bug me sometimes that people go around saying "my procedure cost xxxk dollars!" No it didn't. The hospital knew the insurance company was only going to pay x%, so they charged 5 times that or whatever to get something closer to the actual cost.