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rolling_roland11 karma

Hi Mr. Zeihan, thanks for doing this ama.

I've read your first book and seen some of your online content and I have few questions for you. I'm sure many will ask about the Iran - U.S situation so I'll focus to different parts of the world. Feel free to pick and choose.

1) You've argued that China has difficulty to escape the landlock due to the first island chain. Do you see no way for it to go to the opposite direction. That the China finishes its islands, comes to dominate the South China Sea, the first island chain from Taiwan and below falls on China's lap like dominoes and the islands become impenetrable coastal fortress?

2) Is it going to be pre First World War style empires again and if so, which countries are actually going to form empires?

3) Europe is now encircled by three strong countries with different goals: Britain, Turkey and Russia. What do you think about their ability to cooperate and put pressure on Europe?

4) You've argued that Russia has very narrow window to act if it wishes to expand. If Russia fails to act, is the Eastern Europe finally going to be conflict free happy-go-lucky zone or is the historical instability of the Eastern Europe somehow of more fundamental sort?

5) What do you think will be the geopolitical significance of the global warming, melting north and the new sea routes?

6) I've seen your global stability map on some video and you predict realtively good for the Nordics in the near future. As a Finn I'd like you to throw some doom and gloom here as well. What are the major challenges going forward for the Nordics?

7) What geopolitical content do you recommend other than your own books?

Thanks for taking time to answer the questions!