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I started to cry reading this, I'm not sure why... I think it's because my subconcious felt for the 3,000 people's families that wouldn't be getting that phone call saying they were safe. The agony of trying to move on with such a senseless act of violence impacting your life.

It's just hard to belive it's been 15 years and we still haven't solved the problems facing our world. Terrorist attacks are becoming all too routine.

What do you have to say to conspiracy theory people saying it was the government behind the towers coming down?

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I'm a farmer in rural Iowa. Using tinder and getting the girls to drive the 1.5 hrs from the big city is what I found worked the best. Nurses and teacher that could get jobs anywhere we're the most eager to move down. Very few good looking local women, they go to college and never come back. The few good ones that stayed were taken and the rest were single moms(not exactly what I wanted) Farmers only was a waste of time. Your kind of tied down to your land so nobody's moving for anyone.

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I just raised and butchered some cornish cross chickens at 8 weeks and the meat is so amazing and juicy compared to the meat in the stores. How can that be since my understanding is that the chicken in the store is also from Cornish cross chickens?

PS I've also noticed it takes less time to cook the chicken and I'm assuming that's because they don't have the added water....

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8 years. Buckle up buttercup, he's just getting started.