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Jared thanks for the AMA.

Do you know which countries in the world have been least affected. ? Are there any countries that have already recovered ?

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Thanks for the AMA. I have been puzzled about the information on the use of masks. I don’t understand how such a simple and common sense piece of information was not understood at the beginning of the pandemic.

Using masks seems like the most obvious and simple action to help prevent the spread of a respiratory virus. Several countries in Asia did it and their results are outstanding.

What happened to the rest of the world that people didn’t understand this obvious fact.

Politics of course played a big part in some places, mainly the USA, but in many other countries mask usage was adopted late and after unnecessary debate. In my country, Costa Rica, the mask mandates came late in june or july and there was no political debate about it.

I guess my question is what happened that prevented the most significant piece of information during a pandemic to be understood in time worldwide. ?