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If r/conlangs doesn’t have the answers, maybe r/onionlovers in the sidebar will.

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Hej, hvordan har du det? ;) I was sad to miss you last time I was in Copenhagen, as you were in Mexico. I have two questions.

Question one:

What was your favorite thing that you learned during your time last year in Mexico? Did anything strike you as particularly surprising or inspirational?

Question two:

Are you familiar with the YouTube show "It's Alive"? If so, what are your thoughts on it? It deals with fermentation and is getting a lot of people to realize how accessible fermentation can be to the home cook.

På forhånd tak for svaret!

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What advice do you have for hobby conlangers who are interested in getting paid gigs?

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Hey u/Sedu, peep the celebrity endorsement ;)

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They did help. Have you read the article in question? I have mixed feelings about Huffpo as well, but the article by Cherkis about Whiteside is excellent.