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If r/conlangs doesn’t have the answers, maybe r/onionlovers in the sidebar will.

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Hej, hvordan har du det? ;) I was sad to miss you last time I was in Copenhagen, as you were in Mexico. I have two questions.

Question one:

What was your favorite thing that you learned during your time last year in Mexico? Did anything strike you as particularly surprising or inspirational?

Question two:

Are you familiar with the YouTube show "It's Alive"? If so, what are your thoughts on it? It deals with fermentation and is getting a lot of people to realize how accessible fermentation can be to the home cook.

På forhånd tak for svaret!

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I love the super light worthless ones! They feel like someone stamped the euro sign on a piece of tin foil. My partner's from Hong Kong so my favorite piece of coinage I have around the house is the Hong Kong $2 coins which have a kinda whimsical rippled edge. Any non-circular coinage has a special place in my heart

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I love my new challenge coin! I haven't had a coin check yet, but I did toss it to decide what to have for dinner yesterday!

What's the process of designing these coins like? Any particular inspiration or designs that you guys want to put on future challenge coins? Or any rejected designs?

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What advice do you have for hobby conlangers who are interested in getting paid gigs?