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I can strongly recommend Shotcut for video editing.

It's not web-based, but it is 100% free. It crashes sometimes, but I've been able to do some REALLY nice work with it, and there are lots of online tutorials to do various things. Smoothest learning curve of all the free editors I've tried.

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I've been using your site for years, and I absolutely love it. I've tried (unsuccessfully) to get my company to abandon their photoshop subscription for your site.

Do you have a patreon? I'm sure plenty of people would love to support your work passively.

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How overblown are the reactions by Americans about Ebola?

It's my understanding that unless you have the equivalent of fluid-swapping contact with an ebola patient, you're perfectly fine and have absolutely nothing to fear. Is that correct?

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Audiobook producer/narrator here. Have you considered converting any of your books into audiobooks?