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At the point you were when he picked you? Hell, even for keeping you away from drugs he pretty much saved your ass. And as boyfriends go, he was very close to what you needed. Plus I have a feeling it helped a lot that he was a bit older and more experienced (you didn't say this, but it's a safe guess). Living and talking with him for more then a year probably was good education for you. Your "mentor" if you will... somebody who's not your parent, nor your friend, but who gives you direction in your life. Many of us had one... I'm still grateful for mine.

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Some downvotes may not be real. Because of the anti-spam mechanism, reddit occasionally shows slightly different scores just to confuse bots.

But in any case, any good story has its (real) downvotes, and yours is really good.

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But making restaurants illegal (like they actually did during the prohibition) creates organized crime on a spectacular level. So legalizing will most likely help some, and through regularization will create the potential of even more help.

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Don't really understand why the avoidance of the subject. OP is retired, and anyways he can simply say "it won't". Something is fishy.