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and their commitment to learning and practicing the skills

You should bold that, and let it sink in. This is what makes BPD such a difficult affliction to treat. Basically the TL:DR with BPD treatments is all of them "work" once the person with BPD accepts they need to change. DBT isn't miraculously better than any other form of therapy. The hurdle is always getting a person with a personality disorder to make that leap. Unfortunately being in a relationship usually it a road block for this to occur. You say your relationship has degraded severely in the last few years, what is it going to take for you to end the relationship? This is a better question to ask. Most people involved with borderlines should look internally and ask themselves why THEY continue on in an unhealthy relationship. You aren't doing either one of you favors by staying in a toxic relationship even though you think you might be.

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In your podcasts, do you address all of the criticisms of DBT as an effective form of treatment for BPD? What do you make of the higher than standard ineffective / relapse rates?