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Do you have any statistics or possibly links to court decisions about Uyghur asylum seekers in the EU (preferably english or german)? Does your organisation collect that sort of data? I tried to do some research about that recently but didn't come up with much.

The number of people making it out of there seems to be quite low relative to the scale of the monstrosities that are happening.

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From my experience I would estimate that in Austria, someone from Algeria, Egypt, etc. would have very close to zero chance of getting asylum for being atheist or accused of blasphemy, so I agree. Supposedly Germany is a little better, but I'm not sure. Personally I would recommend France if I were in that situation, maybe Spain.

On the plus side, people from those countries rarely get deported to their home country either though, so at least they'd be safe in a way.

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Which country did they go to? (or continent at least if you don't want to be specific)

And how did they get a visa? Or they did they seek asylum? And if the latter did they get it? (in that case I'd really be interested in which country they went to=