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You know, I was surprised when talking to people for the film, how often the conversation went to religious places. They're similar in broad strokes and one could even imagine a simulator creating a world according to the specs of creationism (or other specific religious traditons)

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I was mostly saddened by it, even in prison it doesn't seem like he's getting a lot of help and the growth he's managed to do was mostly by working through things on his own. When cutting that sequence I was struck by the timing of the graphic 'system failure' that played over that monologue he was repeating. It seemed like one system/safety net failed to reach him before it was too late.

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I think the thing that most influenced me was Erik Davis saying that even if it's true, our obligation to treating each other as fully human equals remains. Similiarly, if our world was created a testing ground for some experiment being done by someone OUT THERE, this is still the real world as far as each of us are concerned.

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closer to the former. I'd say the heart of it is people who believe we're in one sharing their stories and reflecting on it with a little science and philosophy sprinkled in to put it into context.

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A lot of folks find unlikely events in the news evidence of the simulation and I get it for sure, but to me those things feel more like evidence that we're living in a TV show.