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I'm curious about the hallucinations, if you wouldn't mind elaborating on them a little bit. How intense/vivid are they? Do you know they're going to happen before they happen? Have you ever had a hallucination at a dangerous time, like while driving?

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Hi Randy and Annet, I tried to go to the screening and Q&A at Videology this past weekend but it was already packed when I got there, I can't wait to see the film though!

My question is, I'm sure you're aware of how litigious of a company Disney is, and I'm sure you were thinking about from the very beginning what happens if and when Disney sues. So, what was your plan?

Also, as a film production freelancer myself, I'm curious how you shot the film so discreetly. Was it pretty much all 5D's and lav mics, with natural light? What kind of gear were you using?