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Trying to keep an eye on you

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Does it freak you out knowing that the skin on your hand isn't yours? I think I'd be bothered by that.

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How do you deal with the protesters? Do you try to talk to them? Ignore them and focus on helping clients in?

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Thanks for your answer. The way I saw you describe your meds in another comment reminded me very much of azathioprine, which I take to stop my immune system from attacking my colon (ulcerative colitis). Prednisone’s a hell of a ride. The crying for no reason happened to me, too, while I was on pred after I was diagnosed. I don’t know if it was the pred or the emotions from my own medical journey. It’s wild how often I’ll be reading someone’s medical story and see similarities to my story even though they went through something totally different.

Sorry I’m rambling about myself so much. I’m studying to become an art therapist, and my dream is to work with people who are going through (or have gone through) medical journeys of whatever kind. Thank you for sharing this piece of your story, and allowing others to learn from it.

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Do you have to take azathioprine or a similar medication to prevent rejection? If so, will you be on it for life?