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Pharaoh monch Simon says 🔥🔥🔥

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“Qualified” is a hell of an operative word yet you’re promoting this software like it’s going to help lay people. Again, misleading post.

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Look, I’m actually pleased to see you responding to the critics, myself included. I commend you for that.

You don’t need to edit that word, it’s just my personal opinion that this software seems to be catered to super elite companies while not really trying to boost the resume strength of more common middle class people that are actually struggling to get into opportunities.

All I see in this thread are a bunch of tech and finance people trying to Houdini past screening software to land some cushy job they might not even be qualified for yet somehow, search algorithms and wordier cryptic job descriptions are being prioritized over training people to highlight their merit—a skill that should be taught in a different method rather than fooling software.

That’s all.