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The man was a former male stripper. Being a beefcake wasn't a new thing for him.

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There seems to be a trend where the cult leader never seems able to kill himself. Jim Jones had a member shoot him, looks like Koresh had his #2 shoot him first. I can't recall if Marshall Applewhite did himself in.

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Seems to me that that almost is just a modified Marxist argument about how the working class is obliged to labor for capitalists. From there you have to decide if consent to work and to have sex are equitable or not.

If they are, then it's just as ethical as being required to labor otherwise, whether you decide that that means good or bad. If they aren't equal, then I guess you have to figure out just how sexual labor deviates from other work.

Hopefully they respond with a focus on anal sex as a means of class warfare.

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Good thing the FBI killed him, right?


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Username checks out.