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robleroroblero4 karma

What's the likelihood of failing the MPT portion of the exam (UBE jurisdiction)? I think I must have done about 8-10 practice ones and although most of them are fine I have a couple of ones I didn't hit the main issues. I think I've done enough MPT practice questions and don't want to spend anymore time doing them, I'm just worried we could get a difficult one and it brining me down. Thank you for your time answering our questions!!

robleroroblero1 karma

Thank you! I have been doing all of them under timed conditions but I will keep doing one a week until the exam. Thank you for this!!

robleroroblero1 karma

Other question if it's okay. I'm an international student so we did one simulated MBE 6 weeks ago and I got 139. We did another simulated MBE last weekend and I got 141. I didn't seem to improve even after 6 more weeks of studying. Have I reached my ceiling?