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In another point: For the last three years, we have been fighting the FBI in court to release their Epstein files. The lawsuit may be the best hope for us — and the public — to find out what really happened to Epstein in life and death. The FBI has constantly pushed back on releasing certain caches of documents while Epstein was alive — citing privacy laws under Freedom of Information. But if you die, anyone who asks for your FBI file can see it... though they find creative ways to slow down the process. As well as many of the breakthroughs in the book, we are expecting some results in the coming months. If the documents are overly-redacted, our immediate steps would be to file a legal brief and bust it wide open. And hopefully now, at least, people will listen.

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The totality of people who were involved in Epstein's day-to-day life but who've seemingly escaped being questioned or held accountable. Anyone who "worked" for Epstein -- pilots, chefs, cleaners, drivers -- must come forward. It took me 18 months to earn the trust of a long-time chauffer to talk to me because he feared for his life. I hope the revelations and public pressure will encourage more to do the same, and assist law enforcement (or investigative journalists!) in exposing the predators and give closure to the hundreds of victims.

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When I spoke to former Israeli spy Ben-Menashe, the alleged handler of Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine's dad) & the man who introduced Epstein to the intelligence agency, described him to me as a "simple idiot" -- which, when you consider the calculated, depraved and monstrous actions Epstein masterminded, is utterly frightening.

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I didn’t meet Epstein but we spoke to someone who went one better — an attorney in Palm Beach who represented three women in civil complaints against him. Spencer Kuvin took Epstein’s deposition twice. He told us the first time he walked into the room, Epstein would try his best to maintain eye contact and constantly had a big grin on his face, always looking smug. His feeling was Epstein always believed he was the smartest man in the room yet craved the approval and friendship of everyone he met. He also got the impression Epstein was a creepy individual and when he asked Epstein if his penis was shaped like an egg — as some women accusing him of sexual abuse had described — he refused to answer but smirked to a point of laughter.

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In our reporting, we obtained identities of victims that were not previously known. As we began to track them down to respectfully ask if they would be willing to share their stories there was a haunting pattern: Most of the girls (now young women) had lengthy arrest records. Some were too traumatized to talk, others were unable to be found. With all of the brave women who have come forward publicly -- in courtrooms, closed-door depositions or TV press conferences/interviews -- there are likely hundreds more still suffering in silence and whose lives are completely destroyed because of Epstein and his coconspirators.