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Depending on how old he is, could have saved up money from his first career to "retire" into teaching. That's what I've seen some people from the tech industry do

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It's not a rookie mistake, they do it intentionally. The idea is that people will hear the "rat" at the end of the name and form a negative association instead of hearing "democratic," which of course sounds positive and, well, democratic. Seriously, that's why people say "democrat party," it's straight from some Republican nomenclature strategist (the same kind of people who bring you terms like "job creator" and "enhanced interrogation").

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You know what's funny? I hear people refer to young adults all day long, often even into their twenties. But when a black kid gets shot to death less than a year into legal adulthood, suddenly everyone takes exception to the term.

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The Menlo Park campus is very large, and a lot of people work there. Zuck is around, but unless you work nearby him you're unlikely to run into him on any given day.

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Were you a new grad at the time? They don't generally ask systems design questions at that level because it turns out new grads don't have a ton of experience and you're mostly hiring for potential at that stage. At higher levels, it's going to be a key component of the interviews