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robble_bobble189 karma

This is very interesting and a good AMA so far. You've really opened my eyes to the idea that people were really discharged for this. I served in the Navy from 2002-2010 and I was on a submarine. I had several openly gay shipmates, to the point that the entire chain of command up to the CO knew and just turned a blind eye. All were open, but generally discreet, e.g. they would take SO to ship functions but as a 'friend' not as a partner or date.

I do have a couple of questions,

  • You mentioned that you got a General under Honorable Conditions discharge. Have you had any difficulty getting employment with this vice a honorable discharge?

  • Are/were you eligible for full VA benefits upon discharge, are you eligible now?

  • Did you spend any time in a combat zone?

  • How do you now feel about your service? Pride? Shame? Nothing?

  • Did your family know already, or did you have to tell them you were gay and being discharged for it?

Thanks, very interesting!