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Definitely agree with this. OP's system may be a nice fallacy for the rich, but the education system is driven by money. Either you're incredibly unique and driven, or you're rich. The richest kids go to the richest schools, the poorest kids go to the poorest schools, or don't go to school at all. Sure, some break out of the system, but it's rare.

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Try TOS;DR. They're expanding rapidly, and although you may have to read some terms still, the major ones are covered here, or will be covered soon.

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The download link next to Swarmwise goes directly to a PDF.

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PRISM Break offers a whole slew of solutions to every Internet security-related problem there is.

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For those of us who are unable to see a screening, what are the current plans for the digital release? How long will we have to wait, will it be on Netflix, etc.?

Thanks for your work. Hopefully this brings privacy truths to the masses and inspires change.