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In the case I'm familiar with (and this is clouded by a decade of forgetfulness):

- As part of the Due Diligence process, tech staff were flown to a Google office and submitted to the same interviews as potential new hires (minus the introductory phoners etc). Total of around 13-14 people.

- Out of these, all but one was hired; the remaining person was given a reasonably good deal to quit; this was done before the acquisition finished, so not really by Google.

- All non-tech staff were laid off/contracts severed (didn't have many to begin with, mostly sales and since we weren't selling the product anymore, it was kind of moot).

- We all continued working in the same team, on a similar product.

- 10 years later, 4 of them are left.

Acquisitions can be done for tech, patents, personnel, or preferably a combination thereof. In our case, they wanted the software for internal use, but got a dedicated team that helped build a new product and laid the foundation of an entirely new office.

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Nothing stops you from doing both. Investing doesn't need to be a full time job.

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Then it's they who are inconsiderate for not bringing their own phonebook for the people behind them.

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They are environment activists who have accepted a challenge to live sustainably, not a freaking cult...

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Helvete, jag fick hjärtproblem bara av att läsa det där.