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For 24 hour undo, have you seen our page version feature? You can right click on a page, show page versions and see a previous version of the page and revert to that page.

I'm pretty sure no one knows that feature, and it's quite awesome (just tried it, works like a charm). Anything else super useful we should know about?

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Loved the idea so much I donated on the first day and shared on every possible social media available.

If everything else fails, you are at least revolutionizing medical research funding: you are the second non profit on YCombinator, and you're using crowdfunding. What do you think the future of medical research funding will be? Will these new methods (or other innovations) be the main source of funding, in your opinion?

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Thanks for the answer!

Follow-up question: I'm a big fan of Paul Graham and YCombinator, but their experience is far from this particular field. What do you think they can add to the project?

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Yes, but they are the second (tied with several others).

Source: pg himself