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I was involved in a 2 vehicle accident in November. I was on a rented motorcycle (on vacation in another state) and was traveling straight across an intersection with lights and unprotected left turns. I was the second vehicle in my lane and the other party turned left in front of me thinking there was a gap between car 1 and vehicle 3–they didn’t “see” me.

Fortunately, I had gear and while I landed on my helmet, lived — although with injury to my neck which still prevents me from using my right shoulder (I’m icing it now after awaking in pain, as usual). Also, fortunately, the police report states the other vehicle “failed to yield” and the other party stated they didn’t see me.

On Friday, the other party’s insurance company recorded an interview with me (my lawyer was on the line) and I gave a simple recounting of my memory of the events. After the recording was done, the other insurance rep stated that they would be accepting full liability.

Question: the damage to the vehicles and initial hospital visit bills are in, but the care to get me back to where I was regarding my neck/shoulder is ongoing (MRI and electro conductivity monitor test results are not yet in due to holiday scheduling), what does the adjusting process look like here forward for the ongoing treatment costs? Or would your part not include this aspect?

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Answered my question very well!

I do have a PI lawyer and am having my medical insurance pay bills as they come (well, my lawyer’s office is handling that directly). I get the need for a “final tally”’on the payout — being out of pocket on deductibles is easier since it’s the end of the year and deductibles are met... had this happened next month it would be financially harder!

I’m not looking for crazy money — just to be made whole. Of course, the PI is on a contingency, but this whole deal is complicated by the fact I was on a rented bike, my personal insurance plan ostensibly doesn’t extended PIP to rental 2 wheelers, and I wasn’t sure that the other party would be truthful, considering I was an out of state motorcycle rider (we are all bad, crazy dudes, you know :| ). So, I’m preparing for the eventuality that the settlement may not cover my actual expenses due to my lawyer’s 30% cut.

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That’s what they tell me, too. Early in the process — will find out. Right now I’m happy to focus on healing. In fact, I’m sitting at my provider for a traction session (4 times per week; hoping I don’t need surgery).

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We’re fortunate. I miss riding so much (can’t ride without my right arm it turns out).

I do try to not ascribe malice to the lady that hit me; but if she’d have fought liability I wouldn’t hesitate to unleash a lawsuit.