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Hands down, cutest answer in the thread.

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Dude. DUDE! This is probably the last AMA I ever expected to see at the top of the page, and I'm stunned. Hook is one of the dopest movies ever. BANGARANG!

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I just went on a trip to Scotland last month and they have signs everywhere that say "Elderly People" that have two hunched over human figures puttering along. It was the best.

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In a REALLY GOOD way! I think it's one of those super epic childhood films that I will never get tired of watching, especially because there is both adult and child humor included. The production and effort put into making that movie is just incredible. You're really fortunate to have that experience in your childhood to keep as a memory for the rest of your life! So awesome.

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I'm in California and I have never seen this sign before, but I LOVED it.


This was on our way to Neist Point. God, I loved Scotland. Can't wait to return!