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rivetcityransom337 karma

Hi from a fellow carpenter! I know you're into carpentry and woodworking, and I've always wondered if you actually built the cedar-strip canoe that was in season 2 of Parks and Rec? That was some beautiful work.

PS-your wife is awesome, just heard her on Comedy Bang Bang today and I really enjoyed the episode.

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I see you got married in the Logan Temple, are you still in Cache Valley? I would love to see your standup if you are EDIT-i was wrong, that's the Manti Temple. Sorry! I didn't know they looked so similar

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Have you done any research involving dogs that are highly trained for working, such as hunting retrievers? I'm an avid waterfowl hunter and retriever trainer and it's seems that the rigorous training that's involved in producing a good hunting dog leads to a wonderful bond between a hunter and their dog that's unique to that relationship, and different from a pet/owner dynamic.

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Brutus, can you tell me more about the incident with Ron Bass cutting your forehead with his spurs? Did you know beforehand that what was going to go down? I remember seeing that live as a kid and it really freaked me out, they had the CENSORED logo over the screen but you could still see what was happening. That was a memorable Saturday morning for sure!