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...and to the extent you feel comfortable disclosing, any general thoughts on working in Dutch vs UK academia?

I've worked inside and outside academia in multiple countries, but I find the ubiquity of three letter acronyms in my UK institute, often related to admin, really quite bewildering and frustrating.

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Thanks for doing this!

As a fellow academic (but am in the social sciences) with experience living and working in the UK and NL: what has surprised you most about the COVID government/public responses in both countries?

Personally I found the UK response depressingly predictable in its ad-hoc/short term-ism and opportunism. I am much more surprised however in the non-pragmatism of various Dutch policymakers . In some way the endless "poldering" was perhaps predictable, but I am genuinely surprised in the ongoing scepticism towards e.g. face coverings.

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Thanks so much for your thoughtful answers and glad to hear you share in my frustration of TLAs : )