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Hi Michael,

Ecology is framework you use to address food politics, not moral philosophy. How do you keep them separate?

Also, what are your thoughts on food in China? Obviously there have been several issues recently (melamine in candy, GM foods, etc) but not all of the food is problematic. I think those issues are the result of working to meet the need to feed billions of people, and wanting to be able to do so, not necessarily malicious intent.

What are your thoughts on the export of food cultures changing the landscape in other countries? An example is India with the Nestle milk tragedy, where Nestle convinced mothers that using powdered milk was better than breast milk, in a country where access to clean water meant babies died. I think this is an issue where across the globe, companies are selling us what's profitable, not what's healthy. What are your thoughts on resolving that issue?

How do you feel about Mayor Bloomberg's soda ban?

Final question: what are your feelings on the survival of small farms in the US? I am thinking of starting a farm in the next five years.

Thanks for taking the time to do this IAmA - I appreciate it.

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Wait what??? Tell me more please!

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What do you think about Wyclef's involvement?

All my best and thanks for doing this IAmA- looking forward to reading your book.

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Thanks for doing this IAmA!

I'm trying to help a family friend (Filipino, 15) apply to college in the States. Any advice on international scholarships and how he can best present himself?


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Did your mom like the Alex Wang bag ya gave her?