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Theres at least one NCIS or Law & Order episode where that happens...

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I'm assuming powder metallurgy. Mix the dust together, melt it, and you have Ti inclusions in the main copper matrix.

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It's a reddit ama, that is an implied given.

Now, back to Rampart...

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Can I buy a couple pieces of billet from you? I make jewelry and this would be cool to try.

What % is titanium?

Can it be anodized to different colors?

Can ti/cu be plated? (silver, gold, etc)

If I melt it, does the ti come out of solution?

What temps does the alloy melt at?

Can you cast it in air, or does it need a vacuum furnace like Ti?

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Those are silly.

The Star Trek folks kitted out and on "an expedition" are usually the funnest group though.