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rikkirikkiparmparm19 karma

I'm just confused about why people couldn't just buy their own potato, write the message on it themselves, and then mail it.

rikkirikkiparmparm17 karma

Not going to lie I was kind of curious because he's made quite a few typos, so I didn't want to be a jerk about correcting him if English isn't his first language. Then again there's a good chance he's high on pain meds, so that could explain it too.

Edit: He used "Hallo" at the very beginning of his post, so German might be his first language

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How much longer do you have to do chemo? Do you have any plans for what you'll do once you're done?

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Wait, doesn't chemo make you really nauseated? Wouldn't living on a boat make that worse?

rikkirikkiparmparm11 karma

At least Woody Harrelson was (assumably) forced to do an AMA as part of the promotion tour. This guy just wants to sell his book.