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i hope she just calls ron burgundy a bitch a bunch of times

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obligatory intrusive personal life question:

now that pearl's getting older, how aware is she of her time in the spotlight (the Landlord, Baby Cop)? does she show interest in your work, or is she still too young to understand her dad's job(s)?

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philadelphia is about as representative of the state as NYC is representative of new york. it's a population center that more or less functions autonomously, and many of its problems don't exist elsewhere in the state. i agree it needs serious help, but don't paint the entirety of our state with that tarnished brush.

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So far in the gubernatorial race, the only candidate I've seen directly addressing the issue of medical marijuana is Rob McCord. In the televised debate, before running out of time, he mentioned MMJ as a first-day initiative, and looking toward Colorado's example for legalization.

Medical marijuana is an issue gaining validity nationwide, but many states and politicians will only concede to it a little at a time, if at all. What's your opinion on the issue, what would be your plan for implementation (assuming you would,) and under what restrictions do you think it needs to be kept?