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My understanding is that you don't actually liaise with Frontex over your activities. Hence you are not directed to disembark the illegal immigrants you take anywhere. Rather, the Catrambones have on a number of cases stated that their desire is to "help" illegal immigrants reach mainland Europe.

I am glad that you brought up UNCLOS, can you point out the paragraph which gives you the legal or customary right to disembark passengers in any port without regard to their legal status to be dismebarked?

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Hi, why does your organization disembark illegal immigrants in Europe when there were closer ports such as in Malta? Also, what do you think about current discussions by Frontex to indict you under people smuggling legislation?

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What legal or customary rights do you think you operate under which allows you to disembark illegal immigrants in Europe?

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The answer that people "have no other option" to leave their country of origin and risk their lives at sea is trite and a gross over-simplification.

A simple look at history, such as the famines in Africa in the 80s and 90s, which affected larger numbers of people, but more importantly caused more direct deaths, than we are currently seeing - but did not result in mass migration to Europe, shows that your logic is wrong.

The overwhelming reasons for illegal immigrants attempting to enter Europe is that there is a system for them to do so - which you contribute to.

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How many illegal immigrants that your organisation has rescued have you disembarked in Malta vs North Africa vs Italy (vs another port)?

How often do you dismembark those you rescue in a port that is not the closest port?