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rightcoastguy1749 karma

I'm staring at my wall of Unnecessary right now and I'm really not sure if any of them really make anything easier. If the Hoverbrella (drone with umbrella attached) was actually practical then I would have to go with that.

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Technically all of my inventions have a use. A lot of people confuse the words unnecessary and useless. I like to design products that all have a physical use to them but there is always going to be an easier way to do it or a more practical way.

But my mind is pretty visual when I'm coming up with ideas. I pretty much have the final product look and function visualized in my head before I start building it, so I pretty much always know how it's going to turn out.

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It's pretty rare that I actually sit down and have a brainstorming session for what I should make next. It really comes more from those random occurrences throughout the day that spark an idea. Sometimes the full idea comes right to me but other times I'll write down in my notes app the situation I was in, maybe what the emotion that I was feeling, or anything to help me come back to the thought later to complete the idea when I actually want to make it.

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I just commented above about this but looking over my inventions again, I forgot that the TP Pleaser was installed in my bathroom for like 3 months after I shot the video. So it was a functional rotating toilet paper holder.

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Not work with me but McDonald's reached out after my Infinity Saucelet and sent me a whole bunch of sauce packets and nugget coupons.