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As a former baseball player who needed glasses but didn’t start wearing them for years, I remember being constantly amazed at seeing individual blades of grass! It’s those little things that you didn’t even know you were supposed to see that are the coolest!

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Hi Dr. Unsal!

This isn’t related to COVID in the slightest, but I have congenital anosmia.

Whenever I go for regular checkups (in my 20s) I always forget to mention my anosmia, because it’s such a normal part of my life that I never think of it when going through my medical history. Is this something I should really try to make sure my primary physician knows about me, or would it not make much practical difference?

Also, I’ve always wanted to visit an ENT doc to find out whether my condition is due to the lack of development of olfactory bulbs, or epithilium present in the nose. Do you think this would be a fruitful endeavor if it isn’t otherwise impacting my life? Or should I only visit a specialist if there is a problem?

Sorry for so many questions, thanks for your time!