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I would not recommend telling your wife you got sex advice from a porn star on reddit

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Jan 1st, 1900

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Turns out the guy offering to hold the doughnuts was the one trying to get in, waited for someone with their arms full then wanted to "Make sure they are credentialed"

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When I wrote mine once he asked how my dad was and if I was still involved with scouting. I have an unusual last name and he has a good memory. He used to speak at Eagle ceremonies when his schedule permitted.

Visited his office a few years ago in D.C. and he took me to lunch in the Congressional dining room, that was pretty cool.

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Makes business sense, it'd be hard to remarket cars while trying to keep illegal gambling on the downlow. Besides that, your business is gambling operations, not cat sales. Focus on your business mission and don't get bogged down with unrelated business lines.

edit: typo'd cat instead of car; not changing perfection