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But more entertaining would be to just walk up to him, block there way from a distance, look right in their eye and say "Hey remember me, can I have your address? I want to send you tickets to my next fight." Better yet add "I also want to personally thank you, your face has been instrumental in motivating me" But that may be just giving too much credit.

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You say you have a degree in Engineering Physics, so do only people with some sort of physics background get in? I am pursuing a degree in electronics and may do a masters in either signal processing, embedded systems or Control systems. Is there any place for people like me. Also how about more core degree holders like mechanical or material sciences.

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Yes and no. Technically it does mean that, but most of the time at entry level you don't make remotely as much that you can sufficiently support yourself and your training. I have heard about many boxers, MMA and prowrestling guys who are working in the Indy's or small league and working a little.