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So, if I bring a big baggie of heroin to Norway, will I get thrown in prison there for a few years? How can we make this happen, Reddit?

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Which country are you in, and which country is your domain hosted in?

You should be aware that Sony is one thing, while the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is quite another. Everyone thinks of DMCA as a "takedown notice", but it is a lot more than that, and includes statutes about circumventing anti-copying measures. I hope you have discussed your site and business plan with an attorney who knows these areas of law.

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C++ masterrace. You WILL be assimilated.

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Aren't you getting a stipend? I've always heard stories of universities paying grad students in the hard sciences. They work you to death with research and TAing, but still.

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Vote Trump, he loves having his businesses declare bankruptcy. :-)