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Did you run and get the gun, or was it just close by so you could grab it right away? Was it a stand-off kind of situation, or did you see it happening and just react?

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I am a privacy professional at a firm that is really investing in data analytics as the #1 driver behind our decision making. Privacy legislation here is really behind the times, which means we really have a lot of unregulated power in big data. So, my job is quickly becoming keeping analytics based processes and decisions privacy-sensitive.

My problem is that this is not my education or experience. I need to learn a lot about data analytics/big data because this is 100% the most valuable knowledge base to have in privacy. How would you suggest a person coming from a legal background learn about the foundations of big data? I'm coming from a legal background and it seems I really need to get some CS/math/eng knowledge fast if I want to be the most valuable option in a really underserved area of privacy.

TLDR how do I learn to data

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Did your dog eat what you ate?

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The issue I am facing is:

  • I need to be able to understand what they're doing and how they're doing it to be able to bring additional value and assess risks
  • I'll make more money if I can do both privacy things and data things.

Any particular sources or places you would put in the good category? I'm looking at coursera right now

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Do you believe that humans (under God) have free will? Or do you believe that our lives are predetermined (ie destiny)? I've been reading about the dilemma of determinism a lot lately, so I'm interested in what you think. The religious side of it is basically that if god exists and is all knowing, then he knows all of our past/present/future. And if he knows our future, we are not free to change it (ergo, we are not free to make our own choices because our choice cannot conflict with gods understanding of our future).