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I've been reading the Harry Potter books to my daughter every night, complete with voices. Can confirm, sometimes I have to stop just because it's too hard to continue (especially parts with lots of Mad-Eye Moody). As a complete amateur, I can appreciate the difficulties and how amazing real voice actors are.

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That's what's baffling to me. Why does it even require him getting a lawyer or anything? They petition the government to inspect the property for violations, government finds no issues, crazy bitches petition the government again, government says "fuck off, we did inspect it, they're not breaking laws, continuing this is progressing toward harassment."

At no point, from what I see, should he be required to answer to an accusation with no evidence or merit. As there is no direct harm to those old bitties, they should not be able to sue him. What the fuck is happening with this?!

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I thought it was every other oil change? Have I been doing it wrong?

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Enh, I'd say it's more that the ones who are good aren't loud, and the ones who are loud are not good.

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I just want to say thank you so much for everything you do. You are a stalwart defender of our literal freedom and the ideals of a free nation. And if there were a gofundme site for state public defender offices, I'd be all over it, but in the meantime would and will vote for any increase in your (as in my local PD's) funding.